Casperia   già ASPRA Sabina

400 ms s.l.m. Placed in the heart of the generous earth of Sabina, to the near valley of the Tevere, Casperia owes its name to a Roman location

or, more probably, sabino.

The image of the country of Casperia is scenografica: from the modest, but polling and isolated hill on which it has been built, the city appears

as a compact scene made up of medieval constructions. Out of urban agglomeration the bell tower of the Church of St. Giovanni Battista clearly


To Casperia one cannot enter by auto.  And once the door is taken afoot, the medieval urbanistic traces are immediately recognized. Surrounded

by boundaries and towers that represented the first defensive stage, it develops itself around a road system that climbs up winding itself,

(?????almost to snail), along the so called “stradine” and small stairways that lead to the upper part, where the maiory is situated and upper than

that, the parish church.




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